Established in 1987 as a specialist manufacturer of Quartz Crystal Units, such as: 49U, 49S, SMD X'tal, SMD CXO, SMD VCXO, Tuning Fork, SMD Blanks and Ceramic Resonator (Filter, SMD), King Fai (International) Enterprise Co. Ltd. can guarantee stable product quality and prompt delivery. As the company constantly improves the efficiency and raises the production yield rate through procuring the best machinery and technology, the prices offered are very competitive on the market. In addition, King Fai's OEM plant can produce almost any type of quartz crystal products strictly in accordance with the custom specifications and the production capacity is up to 6 million per month. Our export outlets cover Europe, North America, Japan and other Asian countries.

With our powerful R&D staff and engineers plus ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System, we guarantee the product quality and reliability. In this way, we have built up our reputation for the quality crystal product among customers all over the world. Our attentive customer services throughout, good quality, best price and prompt delivery always give our customers a great impression and appreciation.

Today, King Fai has grown into one of the key suppliers of quartz crystal products in the world. Our commitment to maintaining our reputation and expanding market share would never cease.

King Fai's marketing team is prompt in responding customer inquiries with full details regarding product specifications, prices and delivery schedules. For OEM items, our OEM staff and customer design engineers would work very closely together to ensure that product would meet the required specifications and customer satisfaction. We also keep our customers informed of any new products which they may find interested.

Our sales team can always react promptly and flexibly to the over-changing requirements of custom orders. Upon receipt of an order, confirmation can be made within 24 hours and therefore, the customer will be constantly kept posted of the ordering status until the goods are delivered and received.

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