Tuning Fork

KFI specializes in designing and manufacturing low-jitter, tight-stability oscillators based on quartz crystal or surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator technologies. Available with CMOS/TTL, clipped sinewave, (LV)PECL, or LVDS output logic, SaRonix oscillators achieve SONET/SDH Minimum Clock compliance (uncompensated) or Stratum 3 compliance (compensated). Additionally, some oscillator products feature a voltage control function that enables in-circuit adjustment of the output frequency for use in data signal acquisition, clock retiming and jitter attenuation, or frequency synthesis.

  • CMOS / TTL compatible with High-Z (Tri-state) output.
  • Hybrid IC construction with CMOS compatible output.
  • Welded metal package.

Package / Dimensions Features
7 x 5mm SMD Seam Ceramic package assures high reliability.
5 x 3.2mm SMD Seam Ceramic package assures high reliability.

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